Posada Amazonas (4 days / 3 nights)

Posada Amazonas in Tambopata

Posada Amazonas is a 30-bedroom rainforest eco-lodge perfect for your first taste of the Amazon’s natural wonders.

Just a 45-minute boat ride from the town of Puerto Maldonado, this spacious lodge offers an excellent combination of convenience and comfort with outstanding opportunities to see Amazonian wildlife, all during a short break of as little as 3 nights.

Posada Amazonas owned jointly by Rainforest Expeditions and Ese'eja Native Community of Tambopata. This program is for those looking for a short introductory stay in the Amazon basin for 3 nights. Visit an ethnobotanical center run by a native community, an oxbow lake, and a canopy tower, among other activities.

You do not need yellow fever vaccine to visit this area.


Tambopata Vacation Package - The tour package includes:

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Transfers airport / lodge / airport in Puerto Maldonado

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3 Nights accommodation at the lodge Posada Amazonas

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Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the lodge.

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Excursions mentioned in the program (Shared services - In group).

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English speaking guide and entrance fees to park.

Domestic Flights in Peru

Optional flight tickets from Lima or from Cuzco

AXA Travel Assistant

Optional AXA Travel Assistant

Itinerary Posada Amazonas (4 dyas / 3 nights)

Day 1: ... ( Lima or Cuzco) / Puerto Maldonado (L-D)

  • Arrival and reception in Puerto Maldonado's Airport.

  • The guides are biologists, tourism professionals, or community members. Unless noted otherwise, the guides speak English. We assign guides at 10:1 ratio in Posada Amazonas. This means groups smaller than 10 people will be merged with other groups under one guide. If you would like a private guide or a guide in a language other than English please let us know.

  • Transfer Airport to Puerto Maldonado Headquarters: Upon arrival from Lima or Cuzco, we will welcome you at the airport and drive a few minutes to our Puerto Maldonado headquarters. While enjoying your first taste of the forest in our gardens we will ask you to pack only the necessary gear for your next few days, and leave the rest at our safe deposit. This helps us keep the boats and cargo light.

  • Transfer Puerto Maldonado Headquarters to Tambopata River Port: Skirting Puerto Maldonado, we drive 20 kilometers to the Tambopata River Port, entering the Native Community of Infierno. The port is a communal business.

  • Boxed lunch.

  • Transfer by boat from Tambopata River Port to Posada Amazonas: The forty five (about) minutes boat ride from the Tambopata Port to Posada Amazonas will take us into the Community´s Primary Forest Private Reserve.

  • Orientation: Upon arrival, the lodge manager will welcome you and brief you with important navigation and security tips.

  • Canopy Tower: A twenty minute walk from Posada Amazonas leads to the 30 meter scaffolding canopy tower. A bannistered staircase running through the middle provides safe access to the platforms above. From atop you obtain spectacular views of the vast expanses of standing forest cut by the Tambopata River winding through the middle. Now and then toucans, parrots or macaws are seen flying against the horizon, or mixed species canopy flocks land in the treetop next to you.

  • Dinner.

  • Ecotourism Lecture: A daily presentation on the Infierno ecotourism project is available every night from a staff member.

  • Overnight at Posada Amazonas.

Day 2: Posada Amazonas (B-L-D)

  • Breakfast.

  • Tres Chimbadas Oxbow Lake: Tres Chimbadas is thirty minutes by boat and forty five minutes (about) hiking from Posada Amazonas. Once there you will paddle around the lake in a catamaran, searching for the resident family of nine giant river otters (seen by 60% of our lake visitors) and other lakeside wildlife such as caiman, hoatzin and horned screamers. Otters are most active from dawn to eight or nine am.

  • Lunch.

  • Ethnobotanical Tour: A twenty minute boat (about) drive downriver leads you to a trail designed by the staff of the Centro Ñape. The Centro Ñape is a communal organization that produces medicines out of forest plants and administers them to patients who choose their little clinic. They have produced a trail which explains the different medicinal (and other) uses of selected plants.

  • Dinner.

  • Night walk: You will have the option of hiking out at night, when most of the mammals are active but rarely seen. Much easier to find are frogs with shapes and sounds as bizarre as their natural histories.

  • Overnight at Posada Amazonas.


Day 3: Posada Amazonas (B-L-D)

  • Breakfast.

  • Parrot Clay Lick: This clay lick is about twenty minute walk from Posada Amazonas. From a blind located about twenty meters away you will see dozens of parrots and parakeets descend on most clear mornings to ingest the clay on a river bank. Species such as mealy and yellow- headed Amazon, blue-headed parrot and dusky headed parakeet descend at this clay lick. The clay lick is active at dawn, during the late mornings and mid-afternoons.

  • Ceiba Trail Hike: We leave from the lobby at Posada Amazonas and embark on approximately two hour hike crowned by the largest tree in the vicinity: a giant ceiba tree. During the hike we will focus on the natural history of the rain forest and its principal taxonomic groups.

  • Lunch.

  • Farm Visit: A thirty minutes (about) boat drive downriver takes us to the most complete farm in the community of Infierno. The owner grows a diverse variety of popular and unknown Amazon crops. In his garden, just about every plant and tree serves a purpose.

  • Dinner.

  • Overnight at Posada Amazonas.


Day 4: Puerto Maldonado / ... (Lima or Cuzco) (B)

  • Breakfast.

  • Transfer by boat from Posada Amazonas to Tambopata River Port.

  • Transfer Tambopata River Port to Puerto MaldonadoHeadquarters.

  • Transfer Puerto Maldonado Headquarters to Airport; we retrace our river and road journey back to Puerto Maldonado, our office and the airport. Depending on airline schedules, this may require dawn departures for your flight to Lima or Cuzco



It is recommended to buy your tickets according to the following schedules to avoid disappointment.

Arrival transfer (Puerto Maldonado - lodge) Two transfers daily at 13:00 hrs. and 14:00 hrs.

Transfer out (lodge - Puerto Maldonado) two daily departures at 07:00 hrs. and 8:00 hrs.

For other alternatives transfers please contact us.

Are recommended: Light clothing, long sleeve shirts, long pants, hats, waterproof jacket, two pairs of shoes, sunglasses, insect repellent, blockers, swimwear, boots, binoculars, flashlight, camera, water bottles, personal medications.

Luggage: large bags will stay in our offices in Puerto Maldonado, our boats are only for passengers, recommend carrying a small backpack with necessities for your stay at the lodge.

The program does not include:

  • Flight ticket Lima / Puerto Maldonado / Lima ask for our promotional airfares.

  • Alcoholic beverages or bottled water.

  • Personal expenses.

  • Tips for guides and staff members.

  • Any other service not mentioned in the program.

Posada Amazonas Rates 2019 - Rates per person in US Dollar

Room Type

Max. Passengers

Rate Per Person

Single Standard


$ 897

Double Standard


$ 658

Single Comfort


$ 1,039

Double Comfort


$ 765

Amazon Suite Double


$ 896


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  • The system must only process reserves received at least 7 days before the date of trip.

  • Unused services are not refundable

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Posada Amazonas

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