Fresh Water at Muyuna Lodge (4 Days)

Fresh Water at Muyuna Lodge (4 Days)

Muyuna Lodge was designed and built by people from the native community of San Juan de Yanayacu keeping strict relation to the architecture. Since the level of the Amazon and its tributaries can vary a few feet, is constructed on stilts.

Muyuna is located in the Yanayacu river banks, up the Amazon River, at southeast from Iquitos City, very close to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Thanks to the remoteness of the lodge, in Muyuna we guarantee observation of birds, monkeys, sloth, dolphins, fish, caimans, butterflies, etc. in their natural habitat.

It is an exciting tour in Iquitos. Canoe ride, fish for piranhas, nocturnal excursions, visit to different lakes to see ornamental fish, bird watching, special devices to the pink and gray Amazon River dolphins.

Iquitos Vacation Package - The tour package includes:

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Transfer from the airport to the port or hotel in Iquitos City.

Peru Tours & Vacation Packages

Navigation from Iquitos to Muyuna Lodge along the Amazon River

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Visits to authentic coastal communities.

Peru Tours & Vacation Packages

Bottled water.

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Electric charge batteries for cameras, laptops, etc. at set times.

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Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet.

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Basket with fruit and a coffee table for your entertainment.

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Private Cabin with bathroom and terrace with hammock facing the river or jungle.

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Tents, mattresses and everything needed if they want to camp in the jungle virgin.

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Night and day excursions to look for animals and wildlife.

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Expert bilingual naturalist guides small groups.

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A Primer of animals that have been in the area of ​​Muyuna.

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First Aid Kit, which includes antivenom. Do not worry, in 12 years, we have never used a single one.

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With no electricity, we play again like when we were kids and we were away from electronic games (Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, etc). We have board games and football hand.

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Biodegradable Amenities (shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and liquid soap).

Domestic Flights in Peru

Optional flight tickets Lima / Iquitos / Lima

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Optional AXA Travel Assistant

Itinerary - Fresh Water at Muyuna Lodge (4 Days / 3 Nights)

Daily departures from Iquitos or Lima.


Day 1: ... (Lima) / Iquitos / Muyuna Lodge (L-D)

  • Reception at Iquitos' airport.

  • Transfer to the Iquitos port.

  • Transfer to a speed boat for 3 hours (about), 140 Km. upriver from Iquitos City, on the Amazon River.

  • Reception at Muyuna Lodge.

  • Distribution of bungalow and guidance. Delivery list of animals that have been seen previously in the area.

  • Lunch buffet.

  • Boat excursion to Laguna Sapote looking at different birds like parrots, jacanas, kingfishers, herons, panguanas, partridges, pigeons, cormorants, horned screamers, horneros; then move to the other side of the lagoon where Moena sloths and monkeys, as the night, friar, stump, etc. are also seen.

  • After watching a sunset over the forest of mirrors, back to Muyuna Lodge.

  • Dinner buffet.

  • In the evening, boat ride to see alligators, birds and nocturnal mammals.

  • Overnight.


Day 2: Muyuna Lodge (B-L-D)

  • Buffet breakfast very early.

  • Boat excursion to Laguna Casha, laguna inaccessible. You walk or paddle depending on the level of the river, looking at different species of birds and monkeys..

  • Lunch buffet.

  • Boardwalk Purura current gaps and where you can catch different species, including the famous piranha (more difficult in March, April and early May). This is an area that has many lianas "throttle" is the favorite place of the bird "hoatzin" or shansho. This colorful bird looks like a prehistoric bird that has three claws on the middle joint of the wing.

  • Dinner buffet.

  • At night, you do a night walk in search of frogs and huge frogs, anacondas favorite food. Besides seeing tarantulas worth clarifying that despite the bad reputation, they are not dangerous to humans.

  • Overnight.


Day 3: Muyuna Lodge (B-L-D)

  • Buffet breakfast very early.

  • Walk behind the Muyuna Lodge where observe the variety of wildlife that are in the vicinity. In this area, we have also seen, at times, cats. Almost always see their tracks. This hike can last up to five hours (round trip), depending on your physical condition, and can reach the blackwater creek (between Tahuayo Yanayacu and rivers).

  • There the picnic lunch will be served and you can enjoy the purest, unspoiled place in the Amazon jungle, where we guarantee you will see countless species of animals.

  • Share the end of the afternoon with the friendly people of the forest, in the village of San Juan Yanayacu. The tour is very spontaneous, sometimes travelers play soccer with them or just walk around the town. It is possible to buy handicrafts that they make using seeds and vegetable ivory.

  • Dinner buffet.

  • In the evening canoe tour to feel the sounds closer.

  • Overnight.


Day 4: Muyuna Lodge / Iquitos / ... (Lima) (B-L)

  • Breakfast on the boat.

  • Using boats to take you to the Amazon River, where you will experience the most magical moment of your trip, which is swimming in the river where the pink and gray dolphins live. Show themselves, but do not expect to touch.

  • On the way back to Muyuna Lodge, you will see the world's largest aquatic plant, the famous Victoria Regia. It is also easy to see iguanas.

  • Lunch buffet.

  • With your guide, you'll make a list of all the citations in your Booklet Animals animals.

  • Your jungle experience will end and sail three hours back to Iquitos City and take you to the hotel or airport, departure to Lima.



Arrival in Iquitos has to be before 9:00 am and departure after 5:00 pm. Other schedules has to arrange extra boat with additional cost.


  • Insect repellent

  • Good walking shoes that cover the heals. (to avoid twisting your ankle)

  • Large sun hat.

  • Sunglasses.

  • Sun cream.

  • Camera with plenty of film and batteries.

  • Flashlight / torch to use at nighttime. (plus spare batteries)

  • Lightweight raincoat with rainproof hat.

  • Umbrella in case of rain.

  • A good book to read, plenty of magazines. (to ready while you relax)

  • Pair of binoculars.

  • Water flask. (fresh drinking water for jungle treks)

  • Swimming costume. (for swimming in our large pool or in the river)

  • The native Indian tribes in the area are very poor and love to receive gifts of used clothing, old toys or anything at all that the tourist does not need and wishes to donate. Also, any items for children such as paper, pencils and pens are very gratefully received.

  • (For couples) Bring protection. (there are no drugstore nearby!!)

The program does not include

  • Tips for guides and staff members.

  • Flight tickets Lima / Iquitos / Lima and airport taxes; ask for our promotional airfares.

  • Gratuities for baggage handlers.

  • Travel insurance or health insurance.

  • Liquors and beverages.

  • Rubber boots.

  • Personal expenses and not mentioned in this program.

Muyuna Lodge - Rates 2019

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Rates apply to foreign tourists, not residents in Peru and there are expressed in U.S. Dollars. Our fares include all taxes.

  • The system must only process reserves received at least 7 days before the date of trip.

  • Unused services are not refundable

  • Rates subject to change and / or availability

  • Does not apply to dates of Easter, Independence Day (25 to 31 July), National Holidays, Christmas, New Year and Special Events


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