Terms and Conditions

Peru Travel Agency

Tour Packages and Travel Services Prices

All prices are listed in American dollars and include all taxes for tourists non-residents in Peru.

Prices for groups over 15 passengers are subject to discounts. Please ask our Customer Assistant at e-mail: info@Peru-Top10.com

All fares for flights, train and bus are subject to changes and availability, which must be confirmed. by e-mail sent from one of our Customer Assistant.

Reservations, Payments and Deposits

  • The system only processes requests for bookings at least 7 days prior to the travel date. Otherwise Peru Top Ten reserves the right of deny the booking.

  • To confirm your booking, we must have received the payment for services or a guarantee deposit.

  • All payments or deposits may be made with any of our Payment Methods

  • Your credit card must be charged after the availability of all the services required have been confirmed.

  • Online Transaction Fee: A non-refundable fee of up to US $ 12.00 per transaction is charged for each booking. Our system works as an intermediary between travel suppliers and passengers in the process of booking and payment of travel services. In order to make easier the booking process we have trading agreements with some companies that manage themselves their own booking systems and payments (as hotels, tour operators, airlines, trains and buses) through Peru-Top10.com

Tour Packages / Tours Reservations

  • The pre confirmation of your booking will be sent to you by e-mail with the code for each requested tour package.

  • The final confirmation will only proceed after we receive your online payment or a guarantee deposit.

  • The guarantee deposit is US $ 100 payment in advance per person, which is not refundable if the reserve is cancelled.

  • The total payment of the packages / tours must be made 60 days prior of the beginning date of the travel program.

  • The passenger will be contacted by tour operator in the place indicated in the tour program or itinerary, after identify with passport or Identity document and mention the reserve confirmation code, will be enough to begin bringing the tourist services.

  • Is responsibility of the passengers to inform us their arrival and departure time to destination with proper anticipation.

  • In case the passenger requires pick up from a different place than the one set in the program - itinerary, must have to coordinate in advance with Peru Top Ten.

  • Parts of the package / tour not used by passenger due its own decision will be not refunded if package / tour is going on.

  • Penalties:

    • Every cancellation made by passenger before 60 days prior the beginning date of the tour, must be subject to a penalty of US $ 100 of the non-refundable deposit plus US $ 25 for administrative expenses.

    • Every cancellation made by passenger within 59 and 31 days prior the beginning date of tour, must be subject to a penalty of 50% of the program price plus US $ 25 for administrative expenses.

    • Every cancellation made by passenger, between 29 days or less prior the beginning date of the tour must be subject to a penalty of 100% of the program price.

    • Note: Reservations for Inca Trail programs are not refundable. Not changeable in any case.

Hotel Reservation: (Not included in Tour Packages)

  • All requirement of hotel accommodation which are confirmed by e-mail, are guaranteed.

  • The booking confirmation must be sent by e-mail with the hotel reservation code if necessary for the hotel.

  • Breakfast and transfer from the airport are included only if it is specified and published by the hotel, Otherwise the price includes only the accommodation.

  • Passengers only have to show their passports with Andean migration card at the hotel and give the confirmation code. This is enough to take the room. Without these documents will be subject to pay the IGV tax.

  • Penalties:

    • For every cancellation made by the passenger, more than 16 days prior the arrival must be subject to a penalty of US $ 25.00 for administrative expenses.

    • For every cancellation made by the passenger, within the 15 days prior the arrival, must be subject to a penalty of the first night amount plus the US $ 25.00

    • In the case that passenger doesn't cancel at proper anticipation and doesn't arrive at the hotel (no show) at the reserved date, must loose the payment of all the nights reserved.

Air, Bus or Train Tickets Reservations (Not included in Tour Packages)

  • Every confirmed booking is guaranteed.

  • The flight tickets are e-tickets and passenger don't require any paper or physical document. It is necessary only to show the passport or identification document at the counter and give the confirmation code, then you can pick up your boarding pass or ticket.

  • Passengers have to be at the station or airport at indicated time and pick up their boarding passes to board.

  • The confirmation of the requested booking, must be sent by an e-mail, with the confirmation code of each transportation company.

  • Fares of airlines are subject to confirmation on the day of booking, and can be modified getting higher or cheaper, it depends on the availability of the fare.

  • Once ticket is issued, it may not be reassigned to a different passenger or airline.

  • Passengers may contact the transporter one day before the departure, in order to reconfirm the departure time. It can change.

  • Penalties - Cancellations of Air tickets:

    • International flight tickets: Subject to Airline current regulations at the moment of booking in the flight search and reserve engine.

    • Domestic flight tickets: Are not refundable after confirmation.

  • Penalties Bus Tickets:

    • For every cancellation or change made by passenger, more than 48 hours prior the beginning of the journey has only the possibility to change the date of travel, not the route. The payment is not refundable. If the cancellation is within the 24 hours prior the beginning of journey, there is no possibility to change the travel date, and ticket is not refundable.

  • Penalties Train Tickets:

    • For every cancellation or change made by passengers, more than 7 days before the date of travel, has only the possibility of change the date of travel, not the route This change has to be made directly by passenger, showing their e-tickets at the PeruRail Train offices in Cuzco.

    • The payment is not refundable.

    • If cancellation is within the 24 hours prior the travel, there is no possibility to change the date and ticket is not refundable.

    • Tickets cannot be endorsed to other passengers.

Air or Land Transportation

  • IATA airlines or transport companies, have no responsibility for any damage of passengers when they are not on board of the airplane, train or bus.

  • When tour package includes a promotional air or land fare, and passenger change the date of travel, must be subject to a penalty.


  • The passengers must carry with themselves a passport or travel document depending on their nationality, it is legal rule in Peru.

Urgent Cancellations

  • If you are forced to cancel or postpone your trip, you can contact us by phone on (+511) 704-7707 (Lima - Peru).

  •  From 6 pm (GMT -5) and weekends please contact (+51) 987-957-110


  • Baggage transportation is limited to 44 lb. (20 Kg) per passenger for all domestic flights in Peru and local land carriers if there is no other indication.

  • The owners have the responsibility of their baggage, unless the baggage has an own insurance.

  • Small objects as video or photo cameras, binoculars, bags, umbrellas, etc. are responsibility of their owners, and is recommendable to get an insurance.

  • Is recommendable to carry all the baggage well closed and with personal identification.

Hotels in Tour Packages

  • As it is shown in each program, the rates are fixed by person, and by the number of night specified.

  • The tour operator reserved the right to replace hotels of the same category or higher.

  • It is limited the number of single and matrimonial rooms.


  • In all flights and land transportation, meals and snacks are given to passengers according to transport company.

  • Some tour packages include the meals specified in the itinerary, these are described as:
    (B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner).

  • All other meals and beverages are responsibility of the passenger.

Execution of Reimbursement of the Packages, Tours, Accommodations or Transport Tickets

  • If for any reason out of our control, the Tourist Services Operator Company stop bringing any service: hotels, meals and or transportation as indicated in the tour package, a reimbursement will be provided within 30 days of the client submitting a claim or write out authorization from any of our local or foreign agents.

  • Refunds for cancellations requested by passengers, will be processed within 30 working days after received the passenger claim. The refund will be subject to the penalties in each case.

  • No claims will be considered if made later than 60 days after end of the tour.

Responsibilities and Obligations

  • Obligation of services non-given due negligence from Peru Top Ten or our personnel, will be limited to the real cost of the omitted services and excludes all consequences or indirect costs.

  • In that eventual case, Peru Top Ten will make its best effort to bring arrangements of similar value, subject to availability.

  • Peru Top Ten is an intermediary between Tourist Service Operator Company and passengers in the process of booking and payment of services. In case the company stops operating due internal labor problems, greater force or other reasons, or the service provider declare in economic insolvency under the with the formalities that the corresponding Peruvian legislation demands, the refund of the non-brought services under the mentioned procedures and in the terms established by the Peruvian authorities, for each specific case.

  • Peru Top Ten when publish this tourist services, travel programs, tours, air tickets, etc., is responsible to demand to the company of services contracted, to provide the services and lodgings offered to the passengers, as they are declared in the itinerary of the published program and in our website.

  • The passenger accepts that Peru Top Ten has not obligation and is not responsible for the services offered not provided in case natural disasters, severe weather conditions or any other acts of nature or any cases that cannot be anticipated. Also the passenger recognize that Peru Top Ten will be no responsibility for the services offered not provided in case of strikes, accidents, political manifestations or any public act outside the control of Peru Top Ten. In this case, the value of the contracted service will not be reimbursable.

  • If for any reason the transportation chosen by the passenger (bus, flight, train, etc.) don't arrive to destiny at the date and time programmed for take tour or program reserved , Peru Top Ten and the Tour Operator deny all responsibility for not bringing the tour or package services; these services will not be reprogrammed. Tour Operator will bring the services only from the portion considered after the arrival of passengers. The portion of the program lost for this reason is not refundable.

  • Peru Top Ten, it's intermediaries and employees are not responsible for loss, damage or injury related to services or accommodations provided by the railroads, bus companies, tour companies, tour employees, boat companies, airlines and or hotels. All of the above are subject to local laws of the country where the services are provided.

  • The tour operator reserves the right to alter the program of any package / tour.

  • Peru Top Ten will send all e-tickets and confirmations of services through the e-mail given by passenger in the reservation form.

  • Services brought by this system are intangible, so if for any reason passengers don´t take the services at the scheduled date and hour, must assume total cost of them.