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In Ica department, Andean man from the coast changed the constraints of the desert into life-giving opportunities through enhanced knowledge and technology that allowed him to make the best possible use of harsh water and weather conditions.

Also, the art of these people flooded the monotonous landscape with color and profound enigmas. Ica, the department capital, located 300 Km. south of Lima and 104 Km. north of Nazca City, can be reached along the Pan-American highway. The region can be visited throughout the year, because its warm weather (an annual average of 24°C) is amazingly bright and stable.

Palpa Lines

Located at kilometer marker 400 of the South Pan-American Highway, near to Nazca City.

More than 600 geoglyphs, these are enormous zoomorphic and phytomorphic geometric drawings similar to the Nazca Lines and serially overshadowed by the more famous, buy less abundant Nazca Lines.

They are located in between the towns of Sacramento, Pinchango, and Llipata.

According to recent archaeological studies these lines are older than the Nazca Lines. Represent a series of human and animal zoomorphic figures, including the Familia Real (Royal Family), among which the highlight is the deity of the Paracas culture during late development period (600-100 BC).

It is said that 3000 years ago our ancestors used the flat surface of the mountains and the slopes of the hills to draw huge geometric figures, are easier to view from terra firme at lookout Mirador 8 Km. south of Palpa town, approximately 35 minutes north of Nazca City, on the district of Llipata. A small site museum.

The Palpa Lines display a greater profusion of human forms including the Familia Real de Paracas (Royal Family), a group of eight figures on a hillside.

Due to their elevated position, the figures are easier to view from terra firma at a mirador (lookout) 8 Km south of Palpa Town. A small museum hut onsite offers further explanations in English and Spanish.

The best way to see more of these lines is on a combined overflight with Nazca Lines.

Palpa Lines Overflights

The best way to appreciate the lines is to get a bird's-eye view from overflight.

From the airfield of Nazca city you can take a flight over the lines.

There are several companies that offer the flights over the Palpa Lines, some start their flights from the airfield of Nazca city, Paracas (Pisco) or Ica. Normally the flight from Nazca lasts 30 minutes for Nazca Lines and 45 minutes if includes the Palpa Lines. The small aircrafts are specially designed with large panoramic windows and good comfort to take great pictures and audio-guide.

It is advisable to have an advance reservation, which you can reach at Nazca and no place to get the flight, specially in high season.

If you visit Nazca from Lima, and book the earliest bus service you can overflight the Nazca Lines and then continue your trip to Cuzco by bus (15 hours) or go directly to Arequipa (8 hours). These bus trips are at night and thus you will gain a day if you do not return to Lima. (see tour)

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